“The crown”.
BMAD branding.
Alternative versions

α. Concept. β. Corporate identity: Logotype. Icon. Message. Typefaces. Color palette. Stationery. Application rules. Promotional items. Ads. Tri-fold brochure. γ. Website home page design.
Jul - Sep 2018

It really was not part of my original plan to have so many versions of this Brand Identity. However the process was so emotional that I decided to publish all the versions of this Brand Identity. I want to believe that emotions are something you can transfer into your creation, at least this is what I think I usually do :) In my opinion any created object (logo for example) communicates with the world mainly on emotional level, the emotions are like soul that was given to object by his creator, god or designer it is quite same for me.

The centre motive of this work can be described in one word – Crown. I tried hard to create shape that visually reminds crown.

How this publication is organized

The most interesting is usually at the end, so I decided to keep descending order of the versions in this publication. It is why some of the things that well explained at the bottom of the page, may not appear again at the top of the page.


This publication intended to show the working process on BMAD rebranding from it's start to the final point. The final version of this work is here.

Table of contents:

Logotype adjustment

A few more tests before making the final decision.

September 14. Illustrator

Corporate identity. Fourth version

Sketching the new idea.

Sketching idea
September 3

Crown. BMAD logotype.

Crown BMAD

Stationery. Application example.


Application rules.

Application rules

Different color test.

Different color test

Creating the eye for website home page which should visually illustrate the home page message - “We are a reflection of what we do. Look at our work.”.

The eye

Icon tests. This is the first letter of the logotype that will be used for the small size canvases, such as favicons and other small icons.

Icon tests

Comparison with the Hyperlapse.


Logotype alternatives.

Logotype alternatives

Website home page with one of the alternative logo versions.

Website home page

Stationery. Application example with one of the logo alternatives.


Brand colors and logo alternatives.

Brand colors



Imaginary BMAD's Instagram page.

Instagram page

Outdoor advertising.

Outdoor advertising

Realistic illustration of the BMAD website home page.

Realistic illustration of web page

Perspective examples of the logotypes application.

Logotype perspective examples

Website home page.

Website home page

Corporate identity. Third version part 2

The logotype created with the help of golden ratio rule.

Golden ratio for logotype
September 2. Illustrator

Logomark on hat. Realistic illustration.

Logotype on hat

Logotype with small modification of the letter "d".

Golden ratio logotype final

Logotype and logomark on A4,5,6 and business card.

Logomark and logotype on paper
Logomark on paper
Logotype. September 3



Corporate identity. Third version part 1

Coronate yourself - be mad.

First sketch of the logotype.

Logotype sketch
July 24

Idea for the website intro animation.

Animation idea
July 26

Crown. Second sketch of the logotype

Yes, yes – letter “M” needs to be placed before the letter “A”. Interesting why I made this mistake, probably because at this stage it is not really important – M = 2A.

Logotype sketch
August 22

Bmad – this is just great!

Just great

Logotype sketch.

Logotype sketch
August 29

First letter of the logotype.

Logomark sketch

Logomark. Lowercase letter "b".


Website home screen on iPhone X.

Home screen on mobile

Newspaper ad.

Newspaper ad

Logotype sketches and realization using Illustrator.

Logotype sketch
August 30
Logotype sketch
August 31
Logotype. Illustrator
Logotype sketch
Logotype sketch
Logotype. Illustrator

Logomark and logotype on letter and envelope.

Logomark and logotype on letter

Outdoor advertising building billboard.

Outdoor advertising

Website intro.

Website intro

Website Home page.

Website homepage

Projects website page.

Projects page

Visual identity. Second version

This and the first versions of the identity are based on the usage of the font created by Chequered Ink – UK design studio. The “B” logo is a true letter B of this font. This is a good example of how important can be the right choice of the font type for the brand.

Intro, home and single work website screens. August 24

Website intro
Website home screen
Single work screen

Website home page anatomy.

Web page anatomy

Icon and logotype on letter and envelope.

Icon and logotype on letter
August 23

Website home screen on iPhone X, plus my best tools – pencil and paper. In a few more years the glasses will probably join the best tools set. Hohoho...

Home screen on iPhone X

A popsicle with a branded sleeve. If you need to be mad about something, just think about it while eating this special popsicle.

Branded popsicle

Outdoor Advertising Building Billboard.

Outdoor advertising



BMAD – this is exactly what you need to see on the front page of your morning newspaper. This message will definitely help you wake up.

Daily news

Tri-fold brochure US A4.

Trifold brochure

Logo variants

Logo and logotype variants
Based on Corporation Games Straight font.
Logo and logotype variants
August 29

First try to create a crown logotype.

Logo and logotype variants

Yoshida Sans typeface

Here are a few tests using Yoshida Sans black font. The word Yoshida in following examples in use as a placeholder for the text.

Yoshida Sans is a contemporary typeface created by Dan Jones and published by TypeUnion, it comes in 2 widths (Regular & Condensed) each with 8 weights (from Thin to Black) and italics, with 32 styles.

Intro and Home screen. August 22

Website intro
Website home screen
Home screen on mobile
Home screen on mobile (iPhone X).

Marvin Visions - bold, uppercase font

Example of the website home screen using Marvin Visions font.

Marvin Visions for home screen

BMAD visual identity. First version

Two variants of the logo appearance or icon and logotype.

Icon and logotype
Invitation Stationery. Letter and envelope. August 02

Website progress overlay + 3D logo.

Progress overlay
July 24

Website home page anatomy.

Home page anatomy

Home and progress website pages.

Progress website page

Website home page close up (arrow and logo).

Home website page

Logo and logotype.

Poster with logo and logotype
August 02
Poster with logo and logotype
Logo and logotype

Invitation cards.

Invitation cards