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22 April 2015

It is not that I am turning the back to you. It is a creative process. I am working on the WebTalkTo design version 8 and Sofi Sofi Aginsky - my daughter. You are welcome to visit Sofi's online portfolio (blog) I've created in December 2013 for her and her philoSOFIcal and SOFIcentric creations. works on my back. She is good!


Vector. Novel Without Words Not Nature Theory


Nondigital, creative autobiography includes more than 500 works executed on paper, wood, canvas, metal, glass. Using: ink, oil, watercolor, acrylic, thread, electrical tape, white-out, metal parts, crayons, welding, sharp objects.

Mainly I've used original technic which improves in the working process.

In 2010 "Vector" was published (v1)The design of this version of my personal website was absolutely influenced by the Vector shapes and used them over all site. on my personal website. In 2014 I've made a separate site on which was published a second, expanded versionThe second edition of the book of the "Vector".

and I gave you five rings and said wear them


CSS-Fox Showcase for all websites and award for the best one

Lunched 10/2014

The first CSS-FoxWeb Design ShowcaseWe are documenting the web design history. design version (the presentation of the first version The very first design of the single Fox screen and one of the first logo versions.
October 2014
, second version) was launched in October 2014 and since then not once was revised (v2.5 is the current version, but feels like the v3 will be replacing it soon :).
In January 2015 I launched another related website - FoxBlogCSS-Fox BlogPlace for interviews with web designers, stories about websites creation, news and more. the pages of which holds interviews with designers (favorites and winners Foxes) and stories (FoxTell) which is showing and explaining the creative process of the site creation by the authors.

In April 2015 the design of both sites and all project-related web pages and materials have been edited with again.
Here is few of the related (v2.5) web pages:
01. Favorite Fox BadgeA Favorite Fox Badge or acknowledgment is something given to a website to recognize it excellence in a web design field. 02. Nominee BadgeYou can choose one of the following graphics for your Fox here. 03. Successfully Submitted WebsiteWebsite has been successfully submitted to the gallery. (message)

I love to document the workflow. Currently was published: Creating CSS-Fox Website Part 1"
I love beauty, beautiful website, submit your beauty – this idea completely made me crazy, if possible to make me more crazy than I am already :)
The first title idea for the site was – CSS Beauty Award.
I planned to base the design ...
, Part 2, and Part 3 (of course, more is coming /*it is very hard to stop*/).

My plans for a near future to equip CSS-Fox with the administrative functionality for users, which will allow in the above privacy to associate submitted sites with one specific account - portfolio.


dribbble logo concept

August - September 2014 (in progress)

In September, being in the final stage of work on The Logo Concept (The idea was finally formed and all parts of the composition was sketched down with high fidelity, following the sketches were created final illustrations, I was missing only a very few images that should logically complete the illustration of the concept) I have suspended the work, because a new idea - CSS-FoxGarden of Web for web designers to showcase their websites and win a Fox award. was born and I was hurry put it into practice or properly be to say that a new idea is completely pushed everything else on the back burner.
I did not expect that the new project will totally capture me for such a long time and that I will have to postpone completion of The Logo Concept for such a long period (current date 02.05.2015) - 7 months.

At the moment, I am finishing a new (v8) version of the design for WebTalkTo and then, I am going to finish The Logo Concept.

It should be noted that look through the works that I would like to be included in the new version of the portfolio, I naturally looked through all the materials of The Logo Concept and I feel that the interest to this work returned to me.
So very soon I will be able to please Me, You, Us with new/old work.

Different, often born out of ugliness. Let's misbehave!