About the Project

As all parents whose children are enrolled in JPPS, I received the following email:

“Dear JPPS-Bialik Student:

Did you know that our wonderful school will be 100 years old in the next year? Isn’t that AMAZING?

We need YOUR imagination and TALENT to help us create the perfect 100th anniversary logo!  The winning logo will be used in a LOT of places in the coming months. How terrific would it be if that logo was created by YOU???”

And it seemed unfair that in such an important event is open only to high school students
And when I read that:

  • Our wonderful school will be 100 years old
  • We need your imagination and talent
  • How terrific would it be if that logo was created by you???

I felt that I could not stay out of it… So I decided to organize for everybody something like an INTERnet festival of logo ideas related to the 100th anniversary JPPS-Bialik school.

Rules for participants

Send us your logo

Please send logos you’ve made to contact@webtalkto.com. Do not forget to add your idea title, your name, short comment of your idea and logo itself as a photo or other image format.

Title of logo idea: JPPS Logo 100
Name: Sofi Aginsky
Description: I made this drawing with all the colors that JPPS students likes

Sofi Aginsky logo design idea

What we find interesting will be published directly on this page, and people will be able to see, to enjoy and to comment your creations. LET’S MAKE THIS WORLD MORE CONNECTED


You also can comment already published ideas, simply fill out a standard comments form below with your email and name and your comment will appears for public reviews.

For any questions please contact us:

By sharing beautiful ideas with each other we can make this world more connected and then, we can try to create a better world.

I wish to thank everybody who will find the time to participate in this festival.