"But Beautiful".
WebTalkTo 3.1

α. Concept (WebTalkTo 3). β. Website design and development: PHP - WordPress theme.
Aug 2013

WOW – it was lots of Photoshop work. Today – 21 October 2013 – I complete the fours version of the site that has just one template for all site pages. Compared to the third design version it is more than just simple!

The third version of Web Talk To site has different templates for all possible pages. The main design idea discloses in combination of the navigation menu and image below it.

main design idea

About creation of the version. The Concept

First step of any project is a creation of Emotional Image. Web Talk To me, you, us – is a verbal expression of the Emotional Image. The main association is concept of communication, connection and dialogue.

Examples of a visual embodiment of the Emotional Image for version 3:

  • Clock. Time connects a past with the coming
  • Writing-book spiral
  • Bookmarks. As symbol of separation of the whole
  • Pile of sheets
  • Paper clip
  • Symbol S. Symbol being formed of a repeating letter S or the connected letters S
The Concept

Screenshots of the pages template design

Portfolio page design

1 Portfolio page design

Shop page design

2 Shop page design

Services page design

3 Services page design

Themes page design

4 Theme page design

Contact page design

5 Contact page design

Blog page design

6 Articles page design

Single article page design

7 Single article page design

Default page design

8 Page design

Page design for demos

9 Demos page design


You are most welcome to visit WebTalkTo design versions archive.