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Front-End / UI / UX / Graphic Lead Design er

"...when I am seeing a design from Maxim for the first time, I have that "wow" reaction, but the best is when he explains it, there is a logic behind it that gives the design a personality, something special and hard to explain."

- Francis Filion CTO & Co-Founder, emAPPetizer Inc.

Résumé 2014-15



My name is Maxim Aginsky. I am looking for a new home-canvas for my talents, passions and skills.

Currently I am Lead Designer at emAPPetizer Inc. a private Montreal-based mobile application development corporation.

I am the creative driving force behind the conceptualization and design of all media and print projects for the company. My task is to take a basic idea and develop it into a planning document that details every step required for the production process.

User Experience skills and psychology needed to transform a verbal idea into a multimedia experience, understanding of users and how they will interact with the product being developed is a base for any successful product.

I am passionate about DHTML, CSS animation and even simple email table structures. I enjoy working with Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator CC and am a constant visitor at DevTools. Pen & Paper are my sword and shield.

I love exploring ideas and have a passion for searching out new perspectives. This helps to make a product informative, exciting, and an effectively pleasing experience.

Bottom line – I produce successful products!

Yonatan and papa

Customers & Products

Customers & Products

A 2014-15 list of customers and related products I have been working with.

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NV Energy

first iconFIRST (iOS, Windows, Android, web app)

Document incidents, inspections and assessments with any smartphone or tablet!

When a field event or damage is observed, the user can quickly report details including location, date/time, asset info, and attach multi-media files (pictures, audio, and video).

Generates a field incident or inspection report which is automatically sent for confirmation and action by a specific department or operations personnel.

Can connect incident reports directly to existing enterprise systems for work order management, labor estimates, material requirements as well as trigger response actions by specific departments or personnel through assignments and notifications.

CN Canadian National Railway Company

emGIS iconemGIS (web app)

EMSB English Montreal School Board

kids iconKiDS (iOS, Windows, web app)

Centralized mobile administration of students requiring professional interventions.

KiDS (Key Information Data System) was created specifically for specialized student services professionals to keep track of a student's documentation, progress and unique needs.

KiDS simplifies the process for professionals to manage and share information for the students in their care. The app offers secure mobile access to student information systems, as well as consent forms, reports and recommendations on all popular tablets and accessible via web portal on any mobile or desktop device.

UCDSB Upper Canada District School Board

hm iconHall Monitor (iOS, Windows, Android)

Mobile access to existing student information systems… anytime, anywhere from any mobile device. The Hall Monitor application allows mobile access to existing student information systems on the go. The app is specifically dedicated to school superintendents, principals, vice principals, teachers and administrative staff responsible for the well-being, performance and enjoyment of public school students from kindergarten to grade 12.

Hall Monitor shows student, teacher, event, classroom and schedule information from legacy systems. The app can also assist with student safety in medical emergencies, fires and lock-downs.

emma iconEMMA (iOS, Android, web app)

The app allows organizers to create an event and calendar which outlines keynotes, sessions or presentations, including descriptions, presenter bios and locations. This calendar can be accessed by registered attendees so they may view and sign-up for specific sessions of interest.

Organizers have the ability to manage and update the event calendar quickly and easily; they can move session times around or change details like location or capacity. Attendees will be alerted of any changes made to the event by the organizers and be able to register for specific sessions, or view if a session is already full.

and more...

Letter of Recommendation

Letter of Recommendation

FF profile imageFrancis Filion
CTO & Co-Founder, emAPPetizer Inc.
francis.filion@emappetizer.com | 514-804-9918

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Montreal, September 09, 2015

To Whom It May Concern:

As the CTO & co-founder of emAPPetizer, I've worked closely with Maxim since he was the lead designer for our apps and web sites. We've initially hired him as a graphic designer, but he turned out to be worth more than that. Maxim's capacities and attention to details made him quickly in charge of our user experiences as well.

Being a small company, we often have small shift in priorities and Maxim was able to react well and quickly to those. He is a hard worker and will put countless hours on a project to get the customer satisfied.

Working with enterprises, having a deep understanding of our customers' needs is very important. Maxim always took the time to understand those and you can be sure that he will come up with a solution incredibly beautiful. Even after having worked with him for all that time, he is still able to surprise me with his designs, which are different and better than my expectations were. Typically, when I am seeing a design from Maxim for the first time, I have that "wow" reaction, but the best is when he explains it, there is a logic behind it that gives the design a personality, something special and hard to explain.

No matter what your expectations are, I am sure Maxim will be able to overcome them. We had to let him go for budget reasons, completely out of his control and I can assure you that the decision was hard to take. If you have any question, feel free to contact me, I will be more than happy to discuss Maxim`s work with you.


Francis Filion CTO & Co-Founder, emAPPetizer Inc.



"Most interesting always in progress" ― Oscar Tzura

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I put together - conceptually mix - a few different ideas from my portfolio (Dribbble Logo Concept & Emotional Balance Reporting App) to show some of the skills required in product creation process such as creative thinking, color balance sensitivity, composition skills, information organisation... The imaginary app is not finalized and not intended to be finalized!

Imaginary app - yOU nEED iT!

yOU nEED iT! is an emotional balance reporting app allows person to document emotional balance and control it through the use of iDevices and iAssistive technology that promotes greater independence by enabling people to perform tasks that they were formerly unable to accomplish, or had great difficulty accomplishing, by providing enhancements to, or changing methods of interacting with, the technology needed to accomplish such tasks.

You need it concept

Admin interface. You need it

Admin panels. You need it

Personal works & projects

Personal works & projects

Selected projects I am involved with as a User Experience Designer, Brand Designer, Co-founder, Front-End Developer, Author. I tried to layout here most important works of mine, that should let you know about me more then any other documents.

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Cssfox iconCssfox - Showcase for web designers and website awards

"Art is more of a free-form expression, whereas design abides by some rules. Design usually has a client's interest in mind so it has to serve a general purpose to meet that client's needs. I think art is constantly used in the web design field as it should be. It requires an artist's eye to create an appealing web design. The challenge is using art in a way that it is easy to understand and interact with, unlike fine arts, which are open to interpretation."
― Justin Lerner (Interview with Maxim Aginsky)

Fragment of v3 design presentation

Cssfox v3 in resume

Vector. A Novel Without Words

Autobiography. Not Nature Theory

Nondigital, creative autobiography includes more than 500 works executed on paper, wood, canvas, metal, glass. Materials: ink, oil, watercolor, acrylic, thread, electrical tape, white-out, metal parts, crayons, welding, sharp objects.

Misalliance (preparation work no.3 to "Classicus")

Maxim Aginsky autobiography


WebTalkTo logoWebTalkTo Me, You, Us - Show & Tell of designer Maxim Aginsky

"It's the accidental that initiates the serendipitous. Be open to the unexpected!"

WebTalkTo art

typo-graphy Portfolio Experiment

Typo graphy experimentExperiment (desktop only) - This work dedicated to my favorite Charlie Haden

Swans, CSS, JS, Audio, Images…

and I gave you five rings and said wear them

Five rings art

and more...

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Thank You for Your Interest!

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