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Often the case helps us to find new forms.
Let us be attentive to our misses!
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and I gave you five rings
and said wear them

Vector Novel

Creative Autobiography

Vector. Novel Without Words
Not Nature Theory
Web Book
CSS-Fox Art BG


Lunched 10/2014
CSS-Fox ⋆ Home for websites & websites gallery

Design Presentation
CSS-Fox Gallery
Black Swan

Black Swan

December 2014

WebTalkTo v.7 typo-graphy portfolio experiment and real time improvisation.

This work dedicated to the greatest Charlie Haden.

Typo-Graphy experiment
dribbble Logo Concept

Logo Concept

In progress
dribbble logo concept
Corporate Identity Presentation

story 6

May-August 2014
Web Design & Corporate Identity Presentation for WebTalkTo version six
A Concept

Different, often born out of ugliness. Let's misbehave!