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α. Concept. β. WordPress theme design and development: PHP WordPress.
Jan - Apr 2013

I wish that the time you will spend reading about theme Concept, will bring you a lot of joy, as it did to me with each second in creation process on this theme.

Tree for Concept theme

Idea for slideshow as a foundation for the theme

The tree growing from the soil is the main idea of theme Concept.

Tree for Concept theme

The main plan on which site navigation locates (navigation is extremely important for a site, it is possible to compare it to necessity of roots for a tree) is stretched in width on all screen, from left to right. For simplicity we will consider that this plan is monochrome. And so, this plan is a basis or the soil from where bud growths or a tree or graphic structure – visual identifiers of the business concept of the client.

Example of visual identifiers

The idea allows connecting the personal concept of the customer to design for a site, thereby as much as possible coming closer to organic and giving maximum – thanks to organic compound – effect. In modern world, the word and concept – organic is almost a miracle, thereby using our idea we are lifting the value of such site to great heights.

Turning any business conception of the client into a set of simple, generally monochrome forms and placing this graphics on the main plan of the same color, we will receive something similar to a tree growing from the soil.

Example of visual identifiers

The beauty of this idea is guarantee of strong emotional impression from viewing the site.

Universality of this idea: Tree-Soil, led me to the name Concept.

Business with stable growing in favorable soil, this is the positive beginning which always so lack to us and which all of us continuously looking for in this life.

Tree for Concept theme


Responsive Design. One Column. Two Columns. Header Slideshow (image dimensions: 1000 x 320 pixels). Custom Menu. Default Page Template. Front Page Template. Full Width Page Template, No Sidebar. Widgets on Pages. Right Sidebar. Widgets. Footer Widgets. Blog. Threaded Comments.

Mobile Layout

Theme Concept intended to be viewed on any size device. It will have great look from smartphone and tablet up to the HiDPI screen.

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Concept version 1

First version of this theme was done on 13 January 2013, by then we were completely satisfied with the work we did.

Concept version 2

Second version came in April (done on 05 April 2013). We changed some of the CSS styles. Worked on graphics. Improved mobile version of this theme by making it simple; small screens needs minimum graphic, that makes it more informative for visitor using iPhone, iPod and other mobile devises.

Mobile version